Camp Shetek


Click here for updates on Camp Shetek and COVID-19! Lakeside Church is no longer accepting scholarship/registration forms from Camp Shetek. However, you can register directly on Camp Shetek's website. Contact Mary Stewart with any questions:

We will be providing transportation to and from camp. See the schedule below.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Schedule

Age Group



Camp #1 (grades 10-12)

Monday, June 29 at 12:45pm

Saturday, July 4 at 10:30am

Camp #2 (grades 8-9)

Monday, July 6 at 12:45pm

Saturday, July 11 at 10:30am

Camp #3 (grades 6-7)

Monday, July 13 at 12:45pm

Saturday, July 18 at 10:30am

Camp #4 (grades 4-5)

Monday, July 20 at 12:45pm

Friday, July 24 at 2:00pm

Camp #5 (grades 2-3)

Monday, July 27 at 12:45pm

Friday, July 31 at 2:00pm

  • Campers are to be dropped off and picked up at Lakeside Church. You must communicate with Lakeside staff if you are planning to drop off or pick up your child from Camp Shetek yourself!
  • The grades listed in the chart are those completed by the student. Please note that campers may ONLY ATTEND the camp of their grade completed in the spring of 2020, and may not sign up for another for any reason, per Camp Shetek policy.
  • We will be in communication with you if these schedules change for any reason.