Children's Ministry

Sunday Mornings

LakesideKids (age 4 - 3rd grade)

During our Sunday morning gathering, children are invited to participate in LakesideKids where they will play games, do crafts, and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Child check-in is BEFORE the Sunday morning Worship Service. We also have a devotional called Faith-Talk that parents can do at home with your kids that will help you connect to the things they are learning on Sunday. You can find Faith-Talk on the bottom of this page or in the weekly LakesideKids email updates.

About every 6 weeks, we have a Family Worship Sunday where children are not dismissed to LakesideKids. These services have child-friendly elements, such as kids songs and fun stories, to encourage meaningful participation from the whole family. Nursery will still be available on these Sundays.

Nursery (birth - age 3)

We offer nursery for little ones on Sunday mornings during the Worship Service, and provide them with a secure place they can feel safe and cared for and begin to learn how to trust God and others. Children in the nursery are checked-in upon arrival.


Family Night
Once a Month, Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Our goal for Wednesday night children’s ministry is to equip parents as the primary disciple-makers of their kids. We have a monthly Family Night where all of Lakeside’s families can come together for fellowship, encouragement, and fun. See below for the upcoming dates:
  • Events have been postponed until further notice.

Community Movie Night
Once a month, Fridays at 6:30pm

We show a family-friendly movie and serve free snacks and drinks. After the movie, we have take-home devotionals available as a way for you to use the themes in the movie to talk about Jesus. Due to our licensing agreement, we are not able to publish the titles of the movies we show on our website, so contact us to find out movie info! See below for the upcoming dates:
  • Events have been postponed until further notice.

Once a Quarter, Wednesdays 6:30-8pm

Invest is a parenting class focused on how to wisely invest spiritually in our kids. It covers a wide range of parenting topics such as technology, busyness, and how to study the Bible with your kids. Childcare is provided! 
  • Events have been postponed until further notice.

Child Safety and Security

Lakeside is committed to providing children with a safe and child-centered environment. We ensure this through our secure children’s area, check-in process, low child to volunteer ratio, and volunteer screening. For your child’s safety and security, please check-in and pick up your children at one of the two registration desks (south foyer or nursery).

Weekly Emails

We have a weekly email to keep parents updated on what happening in LakesideKids. It also includes a devotional to do with your kids that relates to the lesson they learned that Sunday. fill out the form below if you'd like to receive these emails.


Faith-Talk is a way for you to meaningfully engage with your children about the materiel they're learning at CREW on Sunday mornings. This is designed for you to set aside time each week to read, discuss, and pray as a family.

Based on the lesson from Sunday, March15:
Read: Luke 23:20-25, 32-43

  • What happened in this story?
  • *Two robbers hung on the cross with Jesus. One believed while the other mocked. The Bible tells us that God's arm is not too short to save anyone (Isaiah 59:11). Even the thief on the cross in this story, who led a sinful life all the way to the end, was saved from his sin on the very last day. We all have the same choice as these two robbers. We can reject Jesus, like the thief who made fun of him; or we can put our faith in him, like the one who asked Jesus to remember him. Those are our two choices: we either believe in Jesus or we reject him. If we put our faith in Jesus, no sin is too great to be forgiven. Like the robber who repented, we all start out as God's enemies in our sin. But Jesus' death on the cross brings us back into a good relationship with God (Romans 5:10-11).*
  • Do you believe what we have just talked about? Do you believe that you are a sinner in need of a savior, and that Jesus is your savior?

Pray: Thank God for his wonderful grace for us in Christ. Thank Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins, and for allowing us to have a relationship with him.

*An excerpt from The Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski

A note for parents: If your child has confessed that they believe in Jesus, we are so excited for you! This is something to rejoice over and celebrate, and we as your church family would love to hear about it! If you think they are old enough to really understand what it means, and they have made a decision for Christ on their own, you may want talk with them about baptism. If you have questions about baptism for you or your child, feel free to contact any of our pastors.