Missional Community Groups

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Missional Community Groups are where church happens. They are small groups of people who gather as a family throughout our community . They meet at various times each week. MCGs exist to care for one another, serve others, and live on mission together. We invite you to be a part of the church. 

Briarwood Ave  - Tuesdays at 5:30pm

Leaders: Evan and DeTasha Place
Location: Various Locations

We’d love for you to experience God’s love and kindness with our Missional Community! We typically share a meal together, but we also find meaningful ways to integrate other parts of our lives as God’s family. We regularly seek ways to love our neighborhood well, and constantly encourage one another to make Jesus our truest source of fulfillment, hope and joy. There will always be room for you at our table.

Summit Ave - Tuesdays at 6:00pm

Leaders: Bryan and America Voss
Location: 1982 Summit Ave.  (Get Directions)

Join us every week for food and fellowship as we do life together under the reign and rule of King Jesus! We gather to worship him in all of life as we share our lives together as family. We seek to be a blessing to each other and the people the Spirit places in our lives throughout the week. Come join us as we seek to live like a Gospel-shaped family on mission. We’d love to have your feet under our table!

Spring Avenue  - Thursdays at 6:00pm

Leaders: Bart and Janet Bartosh
Location: Various Locations

Our group meets weekly to spend time together as a family, grow closer with God, and serve our community. We share a potluck-style meal, laugh together, and pray for each other. We hope you consider joining us!

Homewood Hills - Every Other Sunday at 12:30pm

Leaders: Jeff and Bonnie Beman
Location: 1165 Miles Drive (Get Directions)

We believe that sharing the gospel and making disciples is a mission that we all need to be a part of. Missional Communities make so much sense to us. Working closely with a group of people, as a family, and being there to share the ups and downs of each others lives while sharing the gospel and learning how to follow Jesus. We are excited for this journey and to share God with the people the Spirit leads us to.

More Coming Soon!

We hope to see our MCGs grow and then multiply all over our city and region so that our community is saturated with the gospel of Jesus . We hope you will consider joining us in our mission!