The Good Life - Faithfulness and Flourishing

We are in a series going through Jesus's Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. It sets the tone for what Jesus expected, modeled and projected as the embodiment of human vitality and fullness. It is the holistic framework of living in fullness and flourishing in God’s eternal kingdom. More specifically, it’s about experiencing the good life and a flourishing livelihood. It is also referred to as the Beatitudes, which comes from the Latin word meaning, “happy,” “rich” or “blessed.” Jesus will lay out what it means to live the good life under his rule and reign. The good life is about prosperity and posterity in worship, devotion and service. Matt. 5-9 is about teaching, proclaiming and healing in Jesus’ name. It’s the state of being for those who desire to be full and flourish. It’s what true disciples of Jesus experience as we learn and grow under the Father’s care, in union with Jesus and with others and on mission together in the power of the Holy Spirit.