Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare is up and running! Get registered today!

What is WHOLE C.H.I.L.Dcare?

The mission of Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare is to be a safe after-school presence for kids and families by offering exceptional opportunities for learning, growth and development in a positive environment that encourages mentorship, relationships, and holistic self-care.

What do we value?




We believe the WHOLE child matters - their body, spirit, and mind make up who they are, and we strive to care well for all of who they are.

What do we do at WHOLE C.H.I.L.Dcare?

At WHOLE C.H.I.L.Dcare, we help your child learn, grow, and develop in a way that suits them during out of school hours. That means your child's learning will be enriched through their own interests and explorations.

Project-Based Learning

Kids will learn through hands-on fun. This might look like cooking, gardening, singing in a kid's choir, or reading aloud from their favorite book.

Interest Centers

Kids will grow through exploration of hobbies and interests they have. This might look like doing art therapy, or playing sports with other kids.


Kids will get to learn skills that set them up for success, such as decision making, calming techniques, and teamwork.

Homework Support

Kids will get the extra support they need outside of school by working on homework with our caring and knowledgeable volunteers.

Get enrolled today

Getting registered is as simple as filling out a form! 
Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare is open to kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade. We strive to provide equal opportunities for all children to grow. If you are unable to afford the fees associated with enrollment, please contact us for assistance.


Payments can be made through the links below, as well as in person by card, cash, or check made payable to Lakeside Church (designate Whole CHILDcare).
Weekly Rate: $50/child | $25/additional sibling
Daily Rate: $15/child | $5/additional sibling

Location & Time

Drop-off & Pick-up

Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare is located at
Lakeside Church, 1000 Linda Lane, 
3:15 - 6 pm Monday - Friday
*Following the ISD 518 School Calendar*
Drop-off will take place through the school bussing system. Kids may be picked up onsite by parents or guardians.


We need volunteers like you!

Love to work with kids? Do you like serving behind the scenes? Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare needs all kinds of volunteers to help out each week. If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out the application below! 

Whole C.H.I.L.D.care Supported By:

Bedford Industries
First State Bank Southwest
RE/MAX Premier Realty
Worthington Federal Bank
Whole C.H.I.L.Dcare is a program that is not licensed or supervised by the state of Minnesota and is not eligible to receive childcare assistance payments.