Newsletter Devotionals: God Verbs Part 3 by Cole Harper

In Ephesians 1 there are seven grand verbs. These seven verbs describe how God acts to save and love his people. They form the basis of the life of the church. Ultimately, the church is not something we do, but something that God does. He blesses, chooses, predestines, lavishes, makes known, works together, and seals with the Spirit. These actions are what lay the foundation of our faith. This will be the last in our series through these verbs.

6. God works all things to his purpose.
All the dispersed particles of your life — of every life — run their course to help you run yours. God made you his kids. So He makes sure anything brave enough to stand in the way of His love will itself become a conduit of that love. He destined us to rule and reign with him.That’s our inheritance. So if you run into real trouble, take heart. As Spurgeon said. The path of trouble is the way home. Standing in Christ is like standing at the South Pole: everywhere you walk leads North. He works it that way.

7. Sealed you with the Holy Spirit.
Is there something inside you that aches for Christ to make the world right? And you along with it? I have good news. That’s not you. That’s the Spirit of Christ inside you. And that ache is to a man or woman, what a wax seal is to an envelope. It’s a sign you’ve been acted upon by God. The sign that God:
Blessed you.
Chose you.
Predestined you.
Lavished grace on you.
Made it known to you.
Works it all to the end he decreed
And sealed it for safe keeping.