Duty by Jeff Beman

Ecclesiastes 12:13- "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man."

Many of you know that I spent many years serving in the Marines. In the armed forces you can’t help but learn of things like responsibility and duty. I learned that responsibility and duty are actually not the same thing. The difference between “Duty” and “Responsibility” lies in agreement. If you agree to do something you are responsible to deliver. In matters that require you to perform, whether you agree or not- that is duty. (Selective Service registration, serving on a jury, providing for family etc.)

Everyone has both duties, and responsibilities. We all sign up for certain things and agree to do things both at Lakeside and out in the world. Those are our responsibilities. Our society may make laws we must follow, whether we agreed to them or not. (Speed Limits, Taxes, Court Decrees) But God, our creator and Lord above all, has given us duties as well. It does not matter whether we agree to them or not. He has imposed duty on all creation. Todays scripture sums it up succinctly for us: “Fear God and keep His commandments.”

Father God, Grant us strength and presence of mind, that we perform our duty to You in an exemplary manner, this day and forever. Amen