Our Rusty Lives by Jason Ling

As the weather begins to get better I find myself outside more trying to put things back in order that I've neglected from the winter's cold. One thing I noticed was how dirty my car had become. As I looked closer I could see that there were several rust holes showing through the paint. Now I'm no expert but I know this is bad. Once rust gets in there it can eat away at the structure underneath and then begin to spread. I also noticed it started right around the tires were there were little chips caused by stones or even the road salt.

This got me to thinking on how in our lives little sins can come in and if left unchecked can eat away at the structure or morals of our lives. Sure we can help or slow this process by daily readings or confessions or trying to avoid the "Salty road".  Just like every car will eventually rust, everyone of us will eventually sin.

Now with a car that means sooner or later you need to take it in to a body expert who can cut out the rust, replace the metal and repaint the surface making it as good as new. As God's people, we need to do the same. Take it to the expert, who is Jesus and He can cut out that sin, repair what's underneath and make us as good as new. Isaiah 1:18 says, "Though your sins are red as crimson I will make them white as snow."

There are things we can do to help prevent life's rust spots or sin, such as developing a daily routine that involves prayer, reading, meditating on God's word and will for us and confession that brings about healing. I encourage each one of us to bring our ugly spots to Jesus and let him repair, heal and mend our brokenness. He can truly make us white as snow.