Be Still

“Be still….” (Psalm 46:10)

In today’s chaotic world, it’s hard to stop and let go; yet if we want God’s REST, this is what we must do. The first two words of Psalm 46:10 are “Be still.” In the original language, these words suggest a command to cease striving, slow down, be quiet, relax and withdraw. God is speaking here. He is telling us to stop and drop whatever we are doing or thinking and worrying about and come to Him.
Frantic activity and fretting over unimportant details put the attention and focus on self and circumstances. We struggle to make life work in our strength by trying harder and even harder, pulling out all the stops and making every effort to the point of exhaustion. It is UNREST. Do you want to rest?

When we stop our frenzied activities and focus on God, we see what’s important. It may appear to be “easier said than done,” but He is the Only One who can give you rest. There are no quick fixes or five-step processes. Are you tired of struggling? Have you come to the end of your resources and don’t know what to do? Then, ask God to teach you what it truly means to relax and let go.

Oh Lord, help me to let go, cease striving and learn to enter into Your REST. Let me slow myself down so that I may hear your voice.