All Glory to God by Mike Loosbrock

Greetings Lakeside Family, This is a quote from my devotional a couple of weeks ago, “Corporate worship rescues us again and again by reminding us that there is only one glory worth giving our lives to; the glory of God."

We all live for glory in some way. We like experiencing our new house, our well groomed lawn, the new car, and the list goes on and on. All these things get our attention and leave us wanting more.

We were never meant to live for earthbound glory. We were never meant to seek peace and satisfaction of heart here. The physical world is wonderfully glorious, but was never meant to be the end of the journey. The physical creation is glorious, but it is a sign that points us to God. What is your glory in?

If you are looking to find it in the things of the world, you will never find it. Thankfully, we have corporate worship, the regular gathering of God's family for worship to remind us of this truth. Only God’s glory has the power to rescue you from all the earthbound glories that so easily capture our hearts.