Newsletter Devotionals: God Verbs Parts 2 by Cole Harper

In Ephesians 1 there are seven grand verbs. These seven verbs describe how God acts to save and love his people. They form the basis of the life of the church. Ultimately, the church is not something we do, but something that God does. He blesses, chooses, predestines, lavishes, makes known, works together, and seals with the Spirit. These actions are what lay the foundation of our faith and what we'll be exploring for the next few weeks together, one by one.

4. God lavished his grace on you.
God made your life unfair in your favor. God wasn’t just generous, he was over-the-top, make-a scene-in-Walmart shameful about it all. And just when He’d thoroughly embarrassed Himself, he doubled down. And He made that your new normal. He loved you so hard your sins became his...and his righteousness became yours.

5. God made it known to us.
Made what known? The plan and the point of it all: To make heaven and earth overlap so that wherever we go, we’re home.
"Home?...Like we’d be at home? Or that we’d be a home for God?”
How did He make his plan known? He hid the plan in plain site by camouflaging it through pen, paper, and prophet. And when Jesus the better Prophet walked out of the grave it meant God had
locked himself in flesh to dwell with us forever.

Heaven (God) and Earth (flesh) reunited. It’s God’s way of saying: “You’re stuck with me.”