Ephesians Chapter 6:10-18

Ephesians 6:10-18
Many are knowledgeable about the verses in Ephesians that discuss being strong in the Lord and putting on the armor of God! I think sometimes we think of eternal things in the future when we consider spiritual things. But we need to remember that hope is in the present time! God has already provided us with what we need for spiritual battles. He commands us to be strong in Him. Human effort is inadequate in standing up to the evil one, but God’s power is invincible! Putting on and wearing the full armor of God allows us to STAND!

John 10:10 calls Satan a thief, whose job is to steal, kill and destroy. Satan never shows mercy! He is going to do this in every person’s life. Sometimes it is in the minor areas of our life and at other times it is in the major areas. He wants us to stop trusting God, argue with fellow believers, to believe he does not exist. Satan knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows and targets our weaknesses and when we are at our weakest.

Stand firm in the evil day! Standing firm is a phrase that means to “hold your ground”. The “evil days” are today, tomorrow, and anytime between now and when Jesus returns. It could be a season you are going through now. Whatever we are going through today, God already has us and the situation. He has also given us the armor to wear every day, so we can stand where we are and not stumble. Sometimes God wants us to move forward and take more ground, and sometimes He knows it is going to be hard enough just to stand. He knows this and He never forgets or leaves us!