VP3 Testimonial from Mike Loosbrock

"I am going to share some thoughts on what God is doing in my life as I have recently finished a class with Sioux Falls seminary called VantagePoint3. Along with four others from LakeSide Church we went through a study that looked at who we are as individuals, who God is and what His plan is for our life.
Well, at 67, I had never really looked closely at my life. As we went through the study, I realized that God had always been there for me and that he had a plan for me even before I was conceived. I had a hard time looking at my past, but I realized that God had been working on me all that time. It is only when we start looking at our life that we start to understand who God is and the grace that He has extended to us. I guess, for some of us, it takes a little longer to figure things out, but when we finally get there and realize God's plan for our life, what a joyous moment!
So, no matter what stage of life you are in today, God has a plan for you and He can use you for His glory. As always, if anyone would like to talk more about what God has done in my life or what He can do in yours, you can reach me through Lakeside Church.
- Mike Loosbrock