"Know, Be Do" by Reed Leiting

Knowing who God is helps us know who we are called to be. The more we know about God, the more we know about ourselves. In knowing more about ourselves and God, we are able to Believe in God and ourselves. And this allows Doing to flow out of Knowing and Believing God.

KNOW- To know who God is, we need to spend time with Him. Psalm 23:5 says that our Lord prepares a table for us. A table just for Him and us! He invites us to come and sit down in His presence by ourselves. Here we can sit with Him and get to know Him better. By reading the Bible and listening to him while we read, we begin to truly know who He is.

BELIEVE- The more we sit with Him at the table, we begin to believe Him and who we are! We are filled with awe at learning who God says we are. As it sinks into our minds and then down into our hearts, it begins to take root and we believe it even stronger. We start to feel overwhelming, unconditional love from Our Father! This leads us to accepting and understanding who we are.

DO- We want to be and do what our Father wants us to be and do. It is never to be something we check off a list of what we think He wants us to do. It is not a ‘have to’ do. It is something that flows out of us from spending time with Him. It is easy to want to DO first, but knowing and believing needs to come first!

Set aside time to KNOW our Father more and more every day. BELIEVE what God reveals about Himself and ourselves more and more without doubt. Then and only then, DO what He does for us, for others.