Comfort During Pain by Mike Moore

Pain. Nobody likes that word. We avoid pain at all costs. If you watch tv for any length of time at all, you will see product after product that will eliminate your pain. You can take the pill to cure your headache pain. You can take another pill to cure pain in your belly. You can get wraps to soothe sore muscles and little gizmos that you can pedal while you watch tv that will solve any issues you have with your legs and feet. The absence of pain sounds ideal, but in reality, it is very dangerous. Congenital insensitivity is a rare disorder that, while a person who has the disorder can feel the difference between sharp and dull or hot and cold, they cannot feel pain associated with being cut by the sharp item or burnt by the hot item. Pain is a necessary part of life. It is our natural warning system that something is not right, and we should stay away or use extreme caution. It is also a consequence of not paying attention to hurtful situations and then experiencing pain because of that. But when you are in pain, all you want is relief. How do we get relief? How can we get rid of the pain? The scriptures don’t give us a formula for getting rid of pain. In fact, quite the opposite is promised. There will be times when we are in pain whether it be physical, emotional, or psychological. We are guaranteed seasons of our lives when we must deal with pain. We are promised however, that we don’t have to go through pain by ourselves. David wrote Psalms 23 to describe how the Lord leads us through pain in our lives. God’s Holy Spirit will be right by our side. He will walk through whatever painful situation we are in with us. The Lord leads to a place of rest. He restores our soul. Even though we are surrounded by evil we don’t have to be afraid because he is right there protecting us. The Psalm describes the care the Lord promises us as more than just meeting our needs but blessing us with His abundance and we can dwell with Him forever. While we still may be in painful circumstances, He is right there offering His care and compassion. It is ours for all the days of our lives, Forever. I hadn’t read Psalm 23 in a while. I’m glad I found it again
as it gave me encouragement and hope.