Grace By Mike Loosbrock

 September 21,2022

     Greetings Lakeside Family. In my prayer time recently, the thought of what grace means has come up quite a bit. I ask myself, does God extend more grace to one and less to someone else?
     The apostle Paul in the book of Romans chapter 12 is talking about how we are to present ourselves in this world we live in. In Romans 12:3 Paul talks about the grace given to him and tells us, because of this grace, how we should live our lives. In the New Testament grace is talked about quite a bit in the apostle Paul's writings. Most commentators of the New Testament define the word grace as the “unmerited favor of God toward man”. I do not believe there is a instant in the New Testament where more grace is given to one person or another. Like sin, there is not greater or lesser grace given.
     Jesus teaching in the New Testament are full of examples of the unmerited favor of God toward man. The most obvious example is the parable of the prodigal son. The thing we have to remember is that Christ extends grace to all of us who put our trust in him, even when we have sinned. Are we as believers in Christ extending grace to one another? If you have questions about grace and would like to talk with someone about it, you can contact the staff at Lakeside Church.