God Never Changes by Jeff Beman

Hebrews 13:8
  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

     I had been thinking about buying some social contact cards for quite a while. (Those are business cards for people without a job!) Last month, I finally ordered them and paid for them on line. They would have my name and my wife’s name, with our phone numbers and email addresses. Just the thing for handing to new people at church and wherever.

      The very next Monday, I received a letter from my internet service provider, telling me they will discontinue their email service in 90 days. I needed to get a new email address from somewhere else by then. So, the new cards that I ordered didn’t have correct information on them from the start. I have had my email address for a long time and I would never change it by choice. But it changed anyway and I can’t control that.

     EVERYTHING changes, doesn’t it? Business practices, legal procedures, health practices, traffic laws, they all change. Not always for the better, either, and we can’t control that.

     But GOD never changes! His promises are solid and dependable. What God has said, He will do … forever.