He Is The Light by Reed Leiting

He Is The Light
Reed Leiting

As I drove to work last week on Thursday, the sun was just coming over the horizon but there was only a small portion of blue sky as the clouds were pressing in from the west to take over the sky. The rising sun was quite bright but today it would not last long. I could not help but relate that morning to God’s presence in our lives. The sun in our world is always present just as God is in our lives.

Now on this Thursday morning the radiance of the sun would be pushed aside by the forming clouds. We see this in our lives as the clouds of life can push aside God in our lives and hearts. Although, just as the sun is not gone when it is above the clouds or even leaving us in darkness at night, our God never leaves us even in our darkest days when we are unable to see Him or His presence in any way in our lives. He is still there. Just as the sun burns the same all the time, God’s presence has neither vanished nor diminished even in the slightest. God has promised to never leave nor forsake us (Deut 31:6, 8) even in times of trials.
Our physical days are sometimes marked by bright sunshine, whispery clouds or even the dark ominous rain clouds. And the same is true of our spiritual life. Darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Too often our focus is on the clouds of life and not the Light. We must look for the light and to the light.

The moon has no light of its own but rather reflects the light of the sun. In Matthew 5:14 Jesus says, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”. We are called to reflect God’s light on earth to others with whom we come into contact. Look up to see His light and be His light. This week, be that reflection of God’s light to people around you!