The Path to Peace by Jason Ling

These last few weeks I am finding my life is even messier than normal. I have felt frustration, anxiety, depression and even anger in all of these events following a surgery. Being in physical discomfort as well as not being able to do all the things I think I need to get done. I've had to stop helping a friend, ask for help in even the simple things (like getting dressed), missed time from work and had to stay home, and you know, the “R” word; Rest.

     After the second surgery, which is the 3rd round of pain from the same problem, I have found myself asking why this is happening to me, why can’t I just get better or even why did this even happen to begin with. I don’t even think this is the only example. As things in my life get messy, I believe my natural knee jerk reaction is to ask why God why? After some reflection going all the way back to Genesis, I am reminded of my life of sin. Despite any effort I could ever make, I continue to sin whether by overworking, not resting, believing I'm strong enough, or even able to do things on my own. I still am not trusting and trying to push blame on the blameless one instead of looking at my own tendency to sin. I find all these questions of "why me" rather than trusting in God's big picture. I continue to ask for patience while all of this, “Stuff” is going on.

     What I've discovered is that even before my asking, God is giving me a great lesson on patience, trust, and reliance on him.  God in his wisdom already knows what’s best for me even though I feel like I'm suffering. He will and does, turn this into something truly good for me, drawing me closer to him and the promise of a wonderful life now and into eternity.

      Luke 1:78-80 says, “…because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from Heaven to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace. And the child grew and became strong in spirit.”

     This is the path of peace that can only be found in God . I pray that God will help all of us to wait on his perfect timing and the peace that only he can provide. After all, don’t we all struggle with life from time to time?