Season of Worship by Mike Loosbrock

Greetings Lakeside family:

As we are in this advent season, I have been thinking about what worship is to me. In recent weeks, Libby was teaching worship theology on Sunday mornings and it made me pause and think about worship and what my thoughts were on it. In the past I always thought about worship as being what kind of songs we sang on Sunday morning. My focus was on the music and whether I liked the song or not. After spending time in my own devotional time, God is showing me that worship to our Savior and Redeemer is much more than the music I like or dislike, or coming to the Sunday morning service. It is more about how we live our lives. It is about the kind of relationships we have with other believers and nonbelievers.

In John 13:31-35 Jesus tells His disciples to love one another, and in verse 35 He says, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples,  if you have love for one another”.

When we worship we are to bring glory to God. If we just come to Sunday morning service and do not cultivate relationships with other people it is hard to love one another. Another form of worship is how we spend our quiet time with the Lord.  Do we just go through the motions of reading our devotional, or do we stop and let God speak into our life? Do we take a sabbath rest during the week? Our prayer from the staff at Lakeside is that you pause each day and worship our Savior.